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What areas of your life are creating stress for you?

Conflict in relationships? Trouble in finances? Health worries? Overwhelmed at work? Worried about your children? Out of control children? School test anxieties?

Core-Herence coaching teaches you the steps to reduce your stress in any of these areas and more!

As a licensed HeartMath® provider, I teach you the HeartMath system which has been scientifically validated for a diverse range of people from stressed executives in Fortune 500 companies to inner city school children with learning difficulties. Using the HeartMath system improves health, relationships, and creativity at home and work. We actually measure the physical effects of your reduced stress with your personal Inner Balance™ or emWave2® included in the coaching! You become your own therapist and can tap into your intuitive intelligence that goes beyond logic. I teach you personally over webcam each week and help you apply the system to your personal problems. This is not endless talk therapy and can be learned in less than a few months. Please send email to Louann@Core-Herence.com to arrange for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

My level of service and success is demonstrated by these testimonials.

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