Comparison of Devices

As a licensed HeartMath provider, I have the emWave2®, emWave® Desktop®, and the Inner Balance™. All 3 HeartMath products are used to measure patterns in your real time heart rate which indicate your emotional state. Which is the best product for you and what are the costs? Read on to compare them all!

The Inner Balance™ sensor is the best solution for a single user if you already have a smart device that runs Apple’s iOS. A small processor attaches to your device and the processor has thin cable to an ear lobe pulse sensor. The processor just fits into the 30-pin connector of your device. However if you have an iPhone5 you need to buy the 30-pin to lightning adaptor which costs $20 (Amazon) to $40 (Radio Shack). If used by multiple people, then you need to make notes in the journal who used the sensor for that session. The Inner Balance™ app currently leaves all your data on your smart device (vulnerable!) but HeartMath is working on an iCloud storage connection to come out soon. Also HeartMath plans to come out with an Android app version of the Inner Balance™ sensor next year.

If you have an Android device yet cannot wait until next year and are a single user then the emWave2® which is portable is a good choice. However the emWave2® has less diagnostics than Inner Balance™. Unlike the Inner Balance™, the emWave2® connects to your computer to run there in real time or to just download your session history when you were away from your computer. If used by multiple people, then you need to record in the notes who used the sensor for each session. The emWave2® is the size of a cell phone.

If monitoring is for a family, school, health professional, or a business and compact portability is not required then emWave® Desktop is the best choice. The emWave® Desktop has all the diagnostics as Inner Balance™ and is setup for multiple users with the data stored in separate folders by user name. As a HeartMath coach I find that the pulse pressure history is critical to diagnosing an erratic heart rate variability plot to determine a faulty sensor connection or blood circulation problem in the ear lobe. Also the emWave® Desktop has the most games to encourage you to stay coherent. The Inner Balance™ has no games and the emWave2® has few games. I personally don’t use the games – but kids and teens like them. I do having my own images and music which can be integrated into all three devices.

A comparison of the 3 HeartMath devices is shown in the table below.

There is also a free app called ‘GPS for the Soul’ for iOS 5 and greater. The device uses the camera flash and senses the pulse moving through your finger while it covers the flash! Fascinating but not worth the effort as the finger pulse sensor is unreliable unlike the ear sensors on the other devices.

All 4 devices tell you when you are in the 'green', i.e. coherence, which is the state of optimal thinking and health as determined by the unique pattern made by the time history of the real-time heart rate which happens when you are in a positive emotional state.

If you need help getting and staying in coherence, I am available to teach you how to disarm the stress response as I am a licensed personal HeartMath coach. Better sleep, improved health, relationships, creativity, and intuition are the natural outcome! Discounts are given for the devices when packaged with my coaching. Contact me here. I offer free 30-minute, no obligation sessions too!

  Inner Balance™ App
(only for iOS)
emWave2® emWave® Desktop
Portable Yes Yes No (unless on a laptop!)
Ear sensor (thumb sensor additional cost) Yes Yes Yes
Number of Included Games and Visualizers (images that change with coherence) 0 1 and 1 3 and 4
Uses your own music and images Yes Yes Yes
Retrieval of session record Yes Yes Yes
Stores data on home computer no (future version will store data in iCloud) Yes Yes
Separate folders for each user No No Yes (<25)
Pulse data after startup Yes No Yes
Coherence history Yes No No
Power spectrum to see the dominate cycle
(0.1Hz is coherence)
Yes No Yes
Cost at HeartMathStore (Amazon may be lower) $99 $169 $189

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