Inner Balance™

The Inner Balance™ sensor and app analyzes your heart rate variability to feedback your emotional state – see this plot for a better understanding. Inner Balance™ is the best solution for a single user if you already have a smart device that runs Apple’s iOS. The screen image is very bright and easy to understand how to move between an active session, retrieving a past session, and journaling your experience. Playing your favorite music during a session is trivial to setup.

A small processor attaches to your device and the processor has thin cable to an ear lobe pulse sensor.  The processor just fits into the 30-pin connector of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. However if you have an iPhone5 you need to buy the 30-pin to lightning adaptor which costs $20 (Amazon) to $40 (Radio Shack).

Please click here to see how Inner Balance™ compares to the emWave2® and the emWave® Desktop.

Discounts are given for Inner Balance™ when packaged with my coaching. Contact me here. I offer free 30-minute, no obligation sessions too!

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