"Working with Louann helped me to have a much better understanding of the HeartMath tool and program than working alone.  Meeting with her regularly aided my accountability with the program.  Louann encouraged me to go in depth with insight into emotions without feeling judged or assessed.  I expect Heart Math to be a lifelong tool.  I look forward to working with Louann again!"  

- Angela, Morganton NC


“I took a HeartMath class more than 10 years ago as a way to eliminate the need for taking high blood pressure medication.  Through the years I would use the HeartMath techniques off and on to combat various health issues related to stress.  Early this year I started having some different health issues and my doctor was convinced stress was at the heart of the issue. I took the opportunity to look on the HeartMath web site and found the link to the coaches. I selected Louann to work with and was really glad I did.  As a VP at a high tech company, I appreciated the fact she has a technical background and was hoping that would allow us to make a good connection. She established a very good connection through her probing questions and sharing of her own examples.  I learned some new techniques and have been able to apply them effectively both to better managing my own health through reduced stress but also to create a new frame of mind for me to deal with some difficult individuals at work.  It was definitely worth the time investment.  I would absolutely recommend Louann as a coach and will definitely work with her again if I need another refresher!"

- Sandy, Boise, ID

“Louann’s course has really been very much needed to teach me how to deal with stress, how to avoid it, and how valuable are the HeartMath tools. The HeartMath program has given me the ability to lay down the problem, analyze it, and de-stress it. She was a wonderful tutor. I consider her patience, willingness to take longer to help me and feel I have been blessed to find her.Thank you from the bottom of my "breathing" heart!"

Hugs, new friend...- Diana, Pleasanton CA


"One of the first thing I learned from Louann during our coaching sessions was to really look at my own values, in a way I hadn't even questioned before.  The blueprint of my life came in clear focus, and I saw how actions I had been worried about or judging before, were actually grounded in my own inner values.   Since using these tools I have been giving myself more permission to be, without feeling that I have to keep myself in check all the time."

- O.M., Mountain View CA

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